Quick Thoughts

So I downloaded Dragon Age II: Legacy last night and played for about an hour. It’s (unsurprisingly) more Dragon Age II with a storyline involving your family.

I was a little confused at first, because based on what I read elsewhere I was fully expecting to be controlling a different party than the one which had completed DA2. Maybe that’s coming later on, I don’t know, but at least for the first section you’re still running around with Hawke and friends. In my case that means Isabela (hilarious), Varric (also hilarious, perhaps the best DA character ever), and Anders (only healing mage – thanks, BioWare, for sticking me with this jackass).

The fights are pretty large-scale. There’s anywhere from 10-15 enemies, sometimes more, throughout each encounter thus far. My Hawke is a 2H Warrior, so I like to round them up and use massive AoE abilities on them while Varric and Anders pick away from afar. Isabela has the threat-reducing talent and just backstabs to her heart’s content. Some of the fights so far have involved stairs or other positioning advantages for the enemies, so there’s been some adjusting of strategy needed. In addition, somewhere between DA2 and Legacy, my party became “stupid” and will just chase one random enemy anywhere. I’m sure it’s something screwy in one of the default tactics settings, I’ll have to figure that out.

The beginning of the story, well hell, even getting into “Legacy” was a big wtf moment as you click on some shrine that has ended up in your house and they’re all like “Hey, these dwarves have been trying to kill you.” Really? That’s the way this starts? Sketchy. The story has picked up nicely since the bizarre introduction, though.

I just want answers to the damn conclusion from DA2, dammit.

~ by Drew on July 29, 2011.

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