How to Make Me Hate Your Facebook Game

 I have quickly fallen out of love with King’s Bounty: Legions on Facebook. There are some things in a Turn-Based Combat game that are pivotal, and knowing the opposition’s life total / units is one of those things. Paying FB credits to gain licenses for that purpose (or getting super-lucky to get them in friend gifts) is unacceptable to me. I’m looking at you, Healer’s License and Scout’s License.

 You want to charge extra for lengthy Patrols (the offline leveling/gold-finding mode)? I’m cool with that. The default one hour is fair. So Ranger’s License, you and me, we’re cool.

Same for the bonus licenses that provide extra rewards at the end of combat or during patrols, I’m good with those.

You can even buy units (randomly distributed in faction packs, think a CCG, here; and units can be purchased with in-game gold in the right towns), stamina (energy), gold, scrolls, etc. I’m okay with all that.

But selling basic functionality? We’re talking life totals and unit amounts, here.

No. Absolutely not cool with that.

So when the free Healer’s and Scout’s licenses run out, so does my interest in the game.


~ by Drew on August 29, 2011.

4 Responses to “How to Make Me Hate Your Facebook Game”

  1. That was quick. Also, devastatingly on target. Even that Play-To-Win crowd know that selling basic game functions is a third rail.

    • It really blew my mind; there are a myriad of ways for them to generate revenue in that game as I mentioned above – the energy packs, units, and Ranger’s licenses should sell like hotcakes. There’s just no need to gouge the customer base to pay for HP revealing and a unit count prior to battle. That’s insane.

  2. Hey there.

    Thanks for your feedback. We are actually doing an update Wednesday night which will address your issues. We have some more things coming as well.

    Healers license will no longer be a cash item and some small changes to scout’s license. I believe we *may* be tweaking the scout’s license again in the future as well.

    Keep in mind, KBL is in Beta and we are balancing some things out. Our main priorities are performance issues, but we are also keeping a close eye on player behavior for issues such as what you have brought forward.

    We are also working on a larger content update that will be coming up here in the future as well.

    Thanks again.

    • Excellent news! Thanks for dropping by my small piece of the Internet to pass along the information. Much appreciated!


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