Random Thought of the Day

I want a single-player RPG where I can be a bow-toting badass with a pet, just like I played in WoW. Does such a game exist?

I’ve come to realize the closest I can recall is Fallout: New Vegas where I was a gun-toting badass with sniper and robot pets.


~ by Drew on August 30, 2011.

5 Responses to “Random Thought of the Day”

  1. And ten seconds after posting this, two games immediately popped into my head that might fit the bill.

    Does such a class exist in Diablo (2)?

    What about Torchlight?

    I was never much on dungeon-crawlers, but I suddenly have the urge to just shoot stuff. 😀

    • I have played through Torchlight almost exclusively as the Vanquisher, which is the equivalent of Diablo’s Rogue and Amazon. Of course, I prefer using long rifles, but there are plenty of bows as well.

  2. Dragon Age 1, Mabari hound pet. (you don’t need to bring any other companions if you don’t want to)

    Even has the action bar and floaty number combat text and controls very similarly to WoW.

    • Good point – I’ve always wanted to do another Dragon Age: Origins run through (this time with a female character to see the possible endings that way). As good excuse as any! Thanks for dropping by, Percy!

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