Friday Musings

* I’m going bullet-point style today.

* I like(d) battlegrounds in WoW. I wonder if it couldn’t be a game in and of itself, only with rewards different than gear. This is probably bordering on LoL territory, but I’m thinking there’s a way to make that work. Just not sure how.

* Everytime I see a screenshot or read about DDO, I want to go back and play. But I never remember to do so. I like the dungeon-crawling aspect, but the character leveling and customization is pretty complex and I always end up spending more time researching builds than actually playing the game.

* I never played Diablo II and have only a vague recollection of playing the original Diablo, but for whatever reason I’m super-excited to try out D3 when it releases. I don’t have any aspirations of making large amounts of money from selling stuff on the money AH, so that isn’t it. Not sure what the driver is there, to be honest.

* Really looking forward to the three-day weekend. Have a good one!


~ by Drew on September 2, 2011.

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