Welcome to Oblivion

 With classes at an end for this year, I finally downloaded the proper mods to get Oblivion to a playable state for me – that means eliminating the stupid “the world levels with you” concept of the original game. I’m using Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul Lite (turned off the slow leveling) and a Divine Paladin mod of some sort that adds some cool-looking armor and horse armor as I’m playing a Paladin-esque character.

 I’m loving the wide-open game and multitude of quests you can stumble upon, but I’m still struggling with the leveling concept. As a numbers guy, it literally pains me to select a +2 skill-up at level up and find myself tweaking my skills to get +3 at a minimum. I ultimately scrapped my original character and rebuilt one last night because of some decisions I’d made with the first one.

 Going for a Paladin type character (without a huge focus on Personality, though), I started with a female Nord, The Lady, END/WIL, Alteration, Armorer, Blade, Block, Heavy Armor, Restoration, Speechcraft.

What I found was that (initially I had OOO slow leveling on and it was painful) I was constantly annoyed by not having room to carry stuff (more STR, please!) and that I couldn’t control END leveling without going crazy in another stat’s minor skills as Armorer, Block, and Heavy Armor all contribute to END. 

 So, what I ultimately did was this: female Nord, the Warrior, STR/END, Alteration, Blade, Block, Conjuration, Heavy Armor, Illusion, Speechcraft.

 This allows me to better control my skill-ups while still maintaining the “Paladin” persona. The addition of Conjuration gives me “Turn Undead” and Illusion plays more into the Personality aspect. By using the Warrior sign and focusing on STR/END rather than WIL/END, my STR is 15 points higher and I can tolerably carry stuff and wear heavy armor. By leaving Armorer as a minor skill I can use that to help level END up quickly. Without Restoration as a major skill I don’t have to fret over needing to heal and not wanting to gain a level, either. Ideally, I want to get STR and END to 100 ASAP and then focus on WIL/SPD going forward, but I won’t have to be nearly as critical of what I’m leveling at that point.

 I also want to explore the Alchemy system – that looks very cool. My first character sold most of the ingredients because of carry weight problems – I won’t be doing that with this iteration of my female Nord Paladin.

 Ultimately, my problem with Oblivion is that I WANT to play it as an RPG and get immersed, but the leveling system is SO SCREWED UP that I can’t focus on anything but it at the start. I do think that once my HP and STR are maxed I’ll be able to worry a lot less about it, but at the start I’m painfully tracking skillups to ensure I get skills where I want them. It’s the curse of the numbers guy in me. 

Bottom line:  I hope and pray they aren’t keeping this system for Skyrim. Please tell me they aren’t. Please?


~ by Drew on September 6, 2011.

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