But It’s Tuesday!

 I suspect SynCaine has started a full-scale war with his latest post, http://syncaine.com/2011/09/20/21-and-under-club/

 I thought these type of things were reserved for Fridays, man.

 As someone who’s lived both sides of the argument, I’ve weighed in with a couple comments, myself. Basically, in short, don’t expect that you’ll be able to play an MMO the same way you did before you had kids. If you can’t commit to the time to play with others, then MMOs just may not be for you. And as a parent, it’s legitimately going to be hard to do that unless you’re playing after your kids have gone to bed (and even then things like nightmares and/or other surprises might crop up).

But a funny thing happened as the original gaming crowd has gotten older – games are trying to adapt. They’re trying to retain players and money – and you can’t blame them. So now you could argue the MMO of today looks nothing like the MMO of my rose-colored glasses; they’re more solo- and quick-task oriented with virtually constant gear replacement. So, do you have time to play them now? I guess you do.

It’s just not a game I want to play anymore.

 I went back to FFXI a couple times after they changed the game to be more solo-friendly, and do you know what I found? It wasn’t about being able to solo that I wanted or the game itself that I missed, it was about the good times spent with friends killing time and mobs. So the game is shallow to me now, the same for WoW. I want a virtual world and friends to share it with, but most MMOs don’t cater to that demographic anymore, and more importantly – I don’t even have time to be my own demographic.

Rather than scream for changes to the game (or genre), I changed what I played.

 You don’t see older/busier softball players arguing for shorter games or smaller teams so they can get together and play on limited time at the expense of younger players or those with more free time, do you? I think that’s the best comparison I can come up with here, and I get why there’s resentment among the “hardcore” with today’s player base.

~ by Drew on September 20, 2011.

8 Responses to “But It’s Tuesday!”

  1. When older players start demanding light beer in the keg at second base, they have to go!

    The point I tried to make elsewhere, players asking for everything and the moon is normal. There is almost no proposition that cannot find some support.

    The companies are the gate keepers. They can say “no” to things. They do so, most of the time.

    When the company says “yes” and you don’t like it, being angry at the people who asked seems a wasted effort. The company did it because they thought it was a good idea.

    • I absolutely get your point. I think it’s easier to be mad at the “casuals ruining my game” than it is to blame the company because, let’s be honest, one group is going to actually respond when they’re insulted, and it’s not the business raking in the dough. Winning on the internet is a big deal, you know. 🙂

  2. “Rather than scream for changes to the game (or genre), I changed what I played.”

    Ditto. i played sports games till EA monopolised the market. then i played halo till i grew tired of it. then i played WoW till i grew tired of it. if you don’t like the game don’t play it.
    but if you still like the game and you have lots of friends who enjoy and play the game then what’s to keep you from playing it with them however you please? lack of imagination?

    • Thanks for stopping by; and a great point. The MMO experience for me ultimately ended up being more about the friends I played with – not the game itself. We could do whatever and have fun. When the friends left, the game comparison of a WoW to Oblivion, for example, just isn’t even close.

  3. I don’t have kids (yet) (or ones that I know of) (ahem), so I can’t relate, but kids, I think, are just one aspect of it.

    10 years ago, I didn’t have to work a job 10-hours a day SIX (no, not five) days a week. I could sleep 5-6 hours a night and survive on caffeine, now I need 8+. I didn’t write a blog, or read nearly as much in a single day as I do now.

    Life, with age, continues to get increasingly complicated as additional balls kept getting tossed at you to juggle. That will inevitably lead to decreased time in gaming. As SynCaine said, my time isn’t eliminated, but it sure as hell has diminished considerably.

    • Oh absolutely; it’s not just kids. Just speaking from personal experience, though, that has been far and away the biggest change in my lifestyle, and not just from my gaming hobby standpoint.

      It frustrates me to see people put gaming before raising their kids, though, because parenting isn’t something that can be scheduled. That’s probably a blog post or two for another day, though.

      • That sounds like a great blog posts. Every week there is some article about a parent who neglected their little one in favor of gaming, which, I think is just sickening.

        I will look forward to that post!

      • It’s pretty much along the same lines as what you’re mentioning here, unfortunately. I once raided with a married couple who clearly had their priorities in life way out of line. I have a hard time understanding how someone who is unemployed and a parent of three can spend 10-12 hours a day playing a video game. I don’t know that I’d want to get too preachy, but what really used to frustrate me? You’d hear a young kid in the background asking for something and the parent responding in a short, snappy tone that he/she would have to wait until later. Your avatar will be there when you get back – I wouldn’t want Cat’s in the Cradle to be my parental theme song 18 years down the line.

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