Wednesday Musings

 I think I’ve chipped in on enough blog comments at this point that my stance on the current blog-o-sphere debate is pretty clear, so I’ll refrain from posting anything more about that today. Instead, I’ll just talk briefly about my progress in Oblivion which I was able to play for a little bit on Monday night and discuss Fallen Earth.

 My female Nord “Paladin” is now level 7, and for the first time since starting the game I did not get a +5/+5/+5 level up. And I’m totally OK with it. My strength is somewhere around 83 at this point, so I can carry plenty of stuff, so I’m putting much less worry into how I level up and much more emphasis on enjoying the game. I like the alchemy system – it’s always fun to brew up new potions, and even find new ingredients. This shouldn’t, and doesn’t, come as a big surprise to me given that it’s similar to what I like about Fallen Earth – the exploration and crafting.

 Speaking of Fallen Earth, I’m really getting the itch to get back in there and play. The latest dev blog lists the changes that are being made to impact the economy :

* uncommon and rare component node spawns will now be in more “high risk areas” such as PvP zones.

* Finished Gear Merchants are being pulled from the game

This means, essentially, that you’ll want a crafter or be rich enough to use the AH. And if you want to craft, you’ll want to have a competent build so that you can survive PvP if/when it happens or be rich enough to use the AH.

I like these changes, I think it adds a sense of danger to the Wasteland as well as ‘realism’. Vendors shouldn’t just be handing out suits of armor like they’re nothing, right?

Also, recipes are changing to use common components for basic recipes, uncommon components for improved recipes, and rare components for advanced recipes. Also, THANKFULLY, cooking components are being streamlined. Cooking and its 8 ingredients per recipe currently sucks.

I’m ready to get back into the Wasteland. Uh, just as soon as I beat Oblivion.

Man I need more time.


~ by Drew on September 21, 2011.

5 Responses to “Wednesday Musings”

  1. By the time you beat Oblivion, Skyrim will be out! Sucka!

    • Tell me about it! That’s simply the goal at this point – and it’s going to be a real challenge if I don’t just get right to the main quest, I suspect.

  2. I tried to get back into Fallen Earth but its kinda lost its charm to me. Whether or not its move to f2p will get me back dipping my toe in im unsure.

    • Nice to hear from you again, Pitrelli!

      At least this time it won’t cost you anything to find out, right? 😉

      • thanks bud 🙂

        Yeah am actually updating the client just now, I think I’ll be making a melee toon from scratch as making bullets was a real chore

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