Oblivion Update

My character is now level 9. I have not yet advanced the main plot beyond talking to the Priory guy – I’m still wandering around from town to town fulfilling quests and striving to become fully accepted by the Mages’ Guild, as well as looking for work from the Fighters’. I’m exploring virtually every nook and cranny of each cave or ruin I pass by. Well, at least until I reach some monsters that are clearly too high for my character (I’m using Oscuro’s mod). So far, I’ve gotten some pretty nifty armor – a chestplate that adds health and protection, and some light-up gauntlets.

  I’m skilling up both blades and blunt weaponry in an attempt to keep from leveling too quickly strictly on blades alone, and I’m at the point now where I’m about capped on strength and endurance. I’m focusing quite a bit on Alchemy at this point – seems to have solid potential as both a money-maker and legitimate combat use.

The world of Oblivion (Cyrodill, I believe it’s spelled) is really great. The NPCs each have little backstories or things they’re seeking that makes them believeable as characters. The landscapes are also well-done and realistic; the world does a great job sucking me in.

I re-upped my sub to Fallen Earth but have spent much more time in Oblivion. I think I get an old-school creeper pet out of the deal, plus some Premium time once the game goes FTP on October 12th, so it’ll have its perks even if I don’t play a whole lot between now and then.


~ by Drew on September 26, 2011.

2 Responses to “Oblivion Update”

  1. I’m sorry what is Oscuro’s mod? You would expect me to Google it, but I have been at work 13 hours today and i have no energy to do the aforementioned!

    • Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul. It essentially removes the “level-as-you-do” of the vanilla game and instead replaces it with fixed-level monsters more like a traditional RPG. It’s brutal in the early going and then ramps to pretty decent difficulty from where I’m at now. It also adds a lot of new quests, monster types, items, etc. as I understand it.

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