Have you ever sat down at your PC, looked at the icons and your desktop and been unable to decide which to play? I’m sure most of (my three readers of) you have.

Now, was it because they’re all great choices, or you just didn’t feel like playing?

The latter happened to me last night.

It happens to me from time to time and it’s frustrating because I generally have pretty limited hours to game. Fortunately there was something else I wanted to do – namely watch what ended up being the greatest regular season conclusion in MLB history – so I wonder if subconsciously that wasn’t playing a big part, anyway.

 SynCaine and Tobold have been discussing MMO burnout, and I’ve found that it really doesn’t matter how good a game is, or how long I’ve been playing, that sometimes you’re just not in the mood to play.

 I have a confession to make: it took me two tries to get through the Witcher. I abandoned my first playthrough just a few hours in. It was one of those times where I just wasn’t in the mood to play. However, a couple months later, I was able to sit down and plow through the game on a free weekend and a few more days scattered here and there. I LOVE The Witcher. One of the best games I’ve ever played. Yet, there was just a point in time where I didn’t feel like playing it. Same for Dragon Age: Origins. I was just too busy and pre-occupied when it first came out that I only made it about 10 hours in before taking a hiatus. But once I was able to commit to the time to play it, I loved every minute of it.

 I’m discovering that time isn’t only a boundary for enjoying MMOs, but rather sRPGs, too. I like to get immersed in the game world when playing a single-player game, and that’s tough to do in 20 minute chunks. As I hover over the multitude of icons, I think I manage to stress myself out of the fun by analyzing how to best spend this limited free time.

 So I’ve decided I’ll just spare myself the annoyance of such “burnout” by not flipping on an MMO or sRPG when I know I’ll have less than an hour to play. I’ve got other things I can do in short periods of time – RPGs just aren’t going to be one of them.


~ by Drew on September 29, 2011.

4 Responses to “Burnout”

  1. I can totally relate. I have a bunch of games from all sorts of genre for this reason. Sometimes, I don’t want to think about the “chores” that an MMO might bring with it…all the travel, the dailies, etc. Sometimes I want something quick and mindless, like PvZ. There are countless times I’ve sat looking at all those little launch icons and sometimes, I just turn away and go do something else completely. I’m not sure I’d call it burnout though. I still love the games, just don’t want to play them 100% of my free time.

    • You’re right, “Burnout” is probably not the right name for it; but you’ve nailed it. I want to play an MMO sometimes, for example, but the thought of inventory management just turns me off immediately, so Fallen Earth gets pushed to the back burner. I might be in the mood to get deeply involved in a game, so Fallout/Witcher/Oblivion gets loaded up. And sometimes I just can’t decide and I go watch sports. 🙂

  2. That is like an every day dilemma for me. Right now my desktop has:

    1. WoW
    2. StarCraft 2
    3. Champions Online
    4. Global Agenda
    5. Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    6. Battlefield 2: Bad Company
    7. Witcher 2
    8. LIMBO
    9. Angry Birds

    And I am not even including the Xbox list. Every day I sit down and for the first five minutes I have to convince myself of which game will allow me to have the most amount of fun!

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