Gamepad Gaming

 I had a couple free hours last night, so I was able to play both Final Fantasy XIV and The Witcher 2. For both games I use a gamepad; they’re just more intuitive to me that way. And in the case of TW2, the only way I can play the game for some reason – even on the lowest settings the mouse drags across the screen far too slowly (I’ve tried the mouse sensitivity settings, too).

 I did some research yesterday and found a pretty active Linkshell to join in FFXIV. I rolled up a new character on the Besaid server and did the tutorial / initial questline. I then sent a tell to the LS leader indicating I’d entered my application on the website and was readily accepted. There were about 30 people online playing last night, and 80 people in the LS overall. I was pretty impressed, and they seem like nice folks who have their stuff together.

 I knocked out a few guildleves and leveled my Pugilist class up to 5. I bought myself a pickaxe so I can do some mining, and I’ll probably get the conjurer weapon so I can work on that side-by-side with the Pugilist. That combination should allow me to do some low-level leves solo and perhaps hold my own in a Behest or similar world events. I’m hopeful the mining will net me some Gil and then I can decide which crafting jobs I’d like to undertake.

 I wanted to hack and slash up some mobs last night, as well, so I popped over to TW2. Exploring the forest near Flotsam I advanced a couple quests – one about a drunken troll guarding a bridge and another about a burned out mansion. I went into the mansion and was instantly impressed (again) by the story-telling and graphics of TW2. I haven’t quite finished that quest yet, but I believe I saved right before the climax of the tale. Good stuff – this is a really, really great game when I don’t have to worry about micro-managing all my alchemy ingredients (thank you, zero weight mod!).

 Someone had a really great post up about that yesterday – I think it was Klep over at – and Nils had a slam-dunk comment to follow.

 So right now my goals are to finish TW2 and Oblivion, and to give FFXIV a fair shake now that I’ve joined a LS. And of course, Fallen Earth’s F2P conversion is next week. Oh man, I need more time to play. 😦


~ by Drew on October 7, 2011.

2 Responses to “Gamepad Gaming”

  1. Witcher 2 on gamepad. The Power of Christ compels you!

    • It’s actually quite intuitive for combat – it plays a lot like Dynasty Warriors 3 from back in my PS2 days. Some of the menu-stuff is a little weird (holding Left Analog stick down plus A to meditate, for example), but all in all, I like it. 🙂

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