Weekend Recap and What’s Ahead

 I played The Witcher 2 almost exclusively this weekend. No spoilers or anything though, so I’ll just say it’s been great fun, and the plot is awesome. As for FFXIV, I did a few levequests whereby I got my pugilist up to Rank 8. I think some more of the story quest lines come at rank 10, so I expect I’ll accomplish that this week and see where the tale takes me.

 Some additional observations: the controls have really been streamlined from when the game first launched. There is virtually no lag in the interface anymore, something that drove me insane last September. There is now an auto-attack which makes a world of difference in combat. The system is pretty cool, it’s sort of a cross between the Blue Mage from FFXI and Guild Wars. You get a hotbar of 10 actions which each have a “point cost” associated with it. So you can mix and match abilities from the classes you’ve played (some appear to be class-specific, though), but can’t just pick all the heavy-hitters (at least not at lower ranks). I’m liking FFXIV enough to say it will stay on my hard drive. It’s just going to be tough to compete with Fallen Earth, I think. We’ll see.

 Speaking of Fallen Earth, the F2P version launches this Wednesday. I’m sure I’ll log in to see how the landscape (and player base) changes as a result. I expect a busy Help Channel, lots of complaining, and lots of amazement at how different the game really is from your typical MMO.  I hope you all give it a shot!


~ by Drew on October 10, 2011.

3 Responses to “Weekend Recap and What’s Ahead”

  1. Slimm right? Expect Bronte (or some variation) in there, unless League of Legends grabs me by the balls again!

    And teach me the ropes will you?

    • Yep, Slimm it is! Fallen Earth has changed A LOT in the last few months with all the updates, and honestly, I’ve only logged in a couple times. The entire combat and skill system was revamped, there are significantly fewer “buttons to push” now than what you used to exist. I have a build I’m content with as a Pistoleer/Crafter (around level 37, I think), but I would strongly urge you to check out the forums and the Character Planner to get an idea of what you want to be able to do. I will be happy to help out any way I can, though!

  2. The one time I tried Fallen Earth, I made it to the end of tutorial, logged off, and uninstalled. It was okay, but I have too many other games to worry about.

    Hope you have lots of fun!

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