Kingsmouth Down

 I spent last night clearing out the remaining quests I could find in Kingsmouth Town and moved back over to Savage Coast. I say “back” because I left Kingsmouth a bit prematurely the other day and had already started on some of the content in the next zone. I had been following the main storyline and missed the entire northern section of the Kingsmouth map up by the Polaris instance. Oops.

 Anyhow, I finally found a use for some of the 150+ sequins that were burning a hole in my virtual pockets – I spent just over half of them on two brand new Q5 weapons – a Sword and a Chaos (thing). I fitted them up with some free blue glyphs I had sitting in my bag, and I’m good and ready to go. At some point in the near future I’d like to give tanking Polaris a shot – I think I have the proper skills/gear to do it, now it’s just a matter of execution.

 With the GW2 beta weekend, I’m sure my gaming time will be split between the two games. I intend to roll an Engineer at launch, but I’d like to tinker around with all the classes this weekend if possible. I was a big fan of the Mesmer in GW1, so that’d be my second choice without having actually played much. I didn’t pre-order until after the most recent beta weekend, so I really only have an hour or so under my belt from a stress test.

 Happy Friday!

~ by Drew on July 20, 2012.

2 Responses to “Kingsmouth Down”

  1. My plate is full, I’m sitting out GW 2. To much has happened recently/ will happen soon among the games I play. DDO alone just added a month or two of content.

    • I can certainly understand that feeling. I’ve basically had to cut games from my rotation because there just isn’t enough time. I think TSW/GW2 will keep me occupied for awhile going forward.

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