Quick Weekend Review

I played GW2 for several hours this weekend. I have to admit that I wasn’t real enamored with my purchase for much of the time I spent in the game. I tried a multitude of classes, and none of them really clicked for me. Then I decided to go against my internal desire to “save the Engineer for launch” and boy am I glad I did. I think I knew all along this was the class I wanted to play, and perhaps in the back of my mind that was nagging at me while I tried all the others.

I rolled an Asuran Engineer and had an absolute blast – pun slightly intended. I really like the synergy of the Rifle skills. The net shot to trap the enemy, shoot it at a distance, as it gets close, shotgun blast it in the face, then do the disengage-shot. It just flows together so well. And the Asurans are just funny little critters. I loved the storyline, and coming from someone who hated WoW gnomes – this is a “quirky” race done right. Bravo!

Of the other classes, the one I liked the next best is Guardian. In a game where the zerg is going to be present, being able to help out the team in protection is huge – particularly given how much dying sucks in WvWvW PvP from what little of it I did that I could tell. Engineers are pretty flexible and able to help out and/or do good damage, so my preferred choice should be a good fit for PvP, too, I hope.



~ by Drew on July 23, 2012.

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