X-Com Update

 My Classic Ironman squad met their demise last night, rendering the game unwinnable from that point, so I’ve moved on. While I enjoy – conceptually – the idea of Ironman, I don’t feel I quite have a good enough grasp on the base aspects of the game to play it that way. Also, two of my soldiers died on misclicks that sent them wandering far across the map – and that’s a frustrating thing. So, after firing up a few different games and getting the hang of what I wanted to do early on, I’ve landed on the following compromise:

I’m going to play the game on Classic difficulty (I found Normal a bit underwhelming), but not Ironman. I will not save/re-load the game during battles, however, unless I am ending the session. In essence, I’m implementing my own Ironman, but with old save states in case I royally screw something up base-building. With my limited time for gaming, I’d prefer not to have to start from scratch every time.

 Overall, I’m enjoying the game quite a bit.

~ by Drew on October 12, 2012.

2 Responses to “X-Com Update”

  1. Don’t give up! I made it to the fourth month last night before everything went to hell. Classic ironman ftw 🙂

    • I’ve given the Classic Ironman challenge another go, and after several failed efforts today, I’m currently in mid-May having only lost one country (Egypt) and two troops. The remaining troops are all pretty seasoned and varied. I’ve got a nice income going with 5 Sats up, Laser rifles and pistols, and nearly 20 Engineers. If I complete the next upcoming Abduction mission, I’ll be over 20 and have the cash on-hand to build another Satellite Uplink. I can probably sell some stuff to build three more Satellites, well – in short, things are going much better this time around than the previous efforts. 😀

      God bless Rockets.

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