XCOM: Day 1

 Per the “Classic Ironman Challenge” featured over on Gank’s blog – which started from a discussion over at Thade’s Hammer – I began a new game of XCom: Enemy Unknown on the Classic Ironman setting. This means “hard” difficulty and no saves beyond the auto-save and when you quit for the evening. If your troops die, they’re gone for good.

 I only had time to run the opening mission last night, but so far, so good. I was able to make it through without losing any troops, although one guy was injured and will be out of action for a week. Three squaddies had two kills each and were promoted to Heavy, Sniper, and Assault. I was also able to get clean kills (read: not explosive) on the aliens, meaning I got all their weapon fragments and corpses.

 Then, I established my base in Asia – the 50% discount on weapons and such seemed pretty good, and it’s a pretty large landmass. I used my spoils of war to purchase a satellite – which I believe helps track the aliens across the world – and some medkits.

The combat stuff all made sense, but where I’m afraid I’ll royally screw something up is in base management. We’ll see how it goes; looking forward to getting some more play time in this week!

~ by Drew on October 10, 2012.

7 Responses to “XCOM: Day 1”

  1. Man, you fuckers will make me buy this game won’t you?!

  2. XCOM is amazing. It’s the god damned promised land and it’s a long time coming. ❤ I hope it marks the beginning of a tremendous streak of pretenders, DLC, and a vibrant and supported modding community.

    • I’m completely engrossed in X-Com, as well. I love the tactical combat aspect – blowing a hole in the side of a building with a grenade to bring the flanking heavy around to cap off an alien – what fun!

      • I know, Dr. Vahlen, I know…but blowing a hole through the wall into the bridge of the UFO was so awesome! Did you SEE the look on that Sectoid Commander’s little face?! Doctor? Wait, come back!

    • Every time I see “Dr. Vahlen”, my brain computes it as Dr. Van Halen…


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