You’re Ugly. And So Is Your Brother.

 Our guild 10-man raids were last night, and we had enough online to do 2 runs with a couple folks sitting out. Both groups had successful forays into ICC; ours was especially fulfilling because several of us had not downed Festergut before (I’ve missed the 10-man raids the past couple of weeks and apparently wasn’t alone in that), and we went on to one-shot Rotface, too. They’re quite ugly-looking things, aren’t they? anyhow, we even got a look at both the Putricide fight – where apparently our Priest “cured” the Abomination and he could no longer suck up the slime which was quite a laugh. After that, we still had some time left, so we cleared out the trash in the Blood Quarter and took a couple shots at the Princes fight which looks like a lot of fun.

 I actually loaded FFXI on to my new (~3 months old) machine last night. I tried to patch it this morning, but it requires an active Content ID (subscription) in order to do so, and I haven’t quite decided if a look back is worth the fee. I’m really curious about all the upcoming changes – and frankly, I want to see what the game looks like on a much better PC than I used to play it on (or the PS2, for that matter, where I started the game). I’ll mull it over – I have a free weekend all to myself and not sure what to do with all the time.

~ by Drew on March 5, 2010.

One Response to “You’re Ugly. And So Is Your Brother.”

  1. Go for it. I’ve had similar impulses with my first love (EQOA – FFXI killed my EQOA guild btw) and while I’ve never gone back permanently or even “worked” on my characters really, I’ve never regretted visiting old favorite camping spots and such. But I’m a slave to nostalgia, so YMMV.

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