So, What Have I Been Doing?

 I have not been playing WoW aside from logging in sporadically to finish out the Inscription Major Research on my Paladin glyph alt. I’m sticking to the “hold out until Cataclysm” mentality at this point – it’s been a refreshing change not to feel pressured to log into the game at a specific time to raid.

 What I have played, however, are the following games:

Dragon Age: Origins – Completed. I started up a brand new playthrough as a human mage and used my much-needed kill-off-extra-hours vacation from work last week to knock it out. A great game with an engaging storyline and choices and a solid combat system. Mages are extremely overpowered, however, and if I get around to doing another playthrough I’d like to make it a female human noble rogue doing things solo. We’ll see.

Dragon Age: Awakenings – In Progress. I imported my mage, and I suspect I’m about 1/3 of the way through the game. The side characters aren’t nearly as horrible as many of the reviews led me to believe (at least not yet), but the fact my darling Leliana is nowhere to be found is a bit disappointing. She’s awesome.

Neverwinter Nights: Diamond Edition – I found this on the cheap at Best Buy. I have started up a character – a Monk – and played through the very first part of the game. The screen size is killing me, but I’ve heard great things about the game. It’s likely going to take a back seat to both Awakenings and the next topic, though.

Baldur’s Gate I+II plus Expansions – Also found this on the cheap through Amazon. Should be delivered on Friday. I used to own BG and Icewind Dale a long time ago, but didn’t finish either and can’t locate either game. Very excited to give the Baldur’s Gate series a spin after seeing the masterful tale they wove with DA:O.

Spectromancer – I heard of this little gem over on Harbinger Zero’s blog. As an old school Magic: the Gathering player, this was a must-see for me. I finished the free campaign yesterday, and I liked a lot of what they’ve done with the game. I do, however, have some concerns over what appears to be a limited card pool, random decks, and re-castable cards. I’m going to do some forum-reading and decide if it’s worth a full purchase. Likely will be at only $20, I suspect, especially since hzero is available to play against, too.

Sadly, I don’t think Fallen Earth is going to make the cut right now. There are just too many single-player games I’d like to finish that it doesn’t make sense to have an active subscription to an MMO.


~ by Drew on April 14, 2010.

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