You’re Doing It Wrong

 I saw a “review” that someone posted of Fallout: New Vegas (I put it in quotes because it was really a comment on the IGN review, if memory serves me right) that the game was “too short; essentially a full-priced expansion”. I think it was posted on Thursday – meaning the guy “beat the game” in two days.

Hmm. I’m 12 hours in and I’ve not made it to the Strip yet. I’m enjoying the heck out of exploring the open world and finding every single area there is to find. I’ve come across multiple Legion posts (killing those Roman wannabe bastards), several mines, a whole area that seems to be run by feral ghouls, you name it.

This is Fallout, man, stop and smell the roses. If you just rushed to the end of the game, well then, the title says it all.

P.S. I don’t want to spoiler anything, but you absolutely have to do Manny’s quest to solve the Ghoul problem at the site near Novac. (The town name is hilarious, also, since the motel sign out front is lit up for No Vacancy, but the last four letters are out. No Vac. Get it? Little things like this amuse me – Fallen Earth was great for that stuff, too.) Anyway, back to Manny’s quest – the ending (which is also an achievement) is a blast.

~ by Drew on October 25, 2010.

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