New MMO Idea

 I was reading through some blog posts today and ended up at some posts from several years ago over on Epic Slant about PvP. One of the commenters brought up a point about PvP and honor, and suggested that honor gains should come from consentual PvP – in other words – duels. And that if a player committed an act that could be considering ‘ganking’, he would be ‘shamed’.

Immediately my mind went to Legends of the Five Rings (L5R).

I spent much of my college years playing Magic: the Gathering – a fantastic game- but I truly preferred L5R – there were just fewer people who played it.

I may extrapolate later, but the duel/honor system fits perfectly into the L5R theme, and there’s a fantastic story behind it all. This is an IP I’d love to see turned into a PC game, and if not an MMO, I’d certainly take a BioWare produced single-player game!

~ by Drew on March 25, 2011.

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