A Glorified Blogroll

That’s basically what this site is for me. I haven’t actually posted anything in nearly nine months. But yet I come here every weekday and click all the links, read all the wonderful blogs (that still exist – I need to do a little housekeeping) and go about my day. So why am I posting today, you might ask? Don’t know, really; the mood just hit me, I guess.

 A few revelations in the long stretch of time I’ve been away:

* I beat D3 on normal and never touched it again. I can safely say that I am not a huge fan of the ARPG genre. I did enjoy playing through the game with my former WoW guildies – that part was awesome – but the spam-click fest is really just not what I’m looking for in a game.

* Skyrim was a fantastic game, but I think I’ve effectively burned myself out on that. No complaints, though; I had upwards of 150 hours of time invested into it – that’s a worthwhile purchase. I’ll probably revisit it for Dawnguard, but that’d be about it.

* WoW. It’s just not the same without my former guildies, and frankly I don’t want to raid again, and the part I would like to do – rated BGs and Arenas – I’ve just really been unsuccessful finding a mature guild to do that in. The several I tried all ended up being the same morass of immature players frequently using racist remarks and I just can’t handle that. I have to like the people I’m playing with. Come October, I’ll be cancelling (I had the Annual Pass) – very likely for good.

* I gave EVE a shot. It’s similar to Darkfall in that I think I would really enjoy the game if I had the necessary time to get involved with the political aspects of it and find a good PvP corp. Conceptually the game is great. The PvE isn’t much, but that’s OK – it’s not what the game is really designed around. The working economy is amazing. It’s a game I would gladly come back to if I suddenly won the lottery and had a ton of free time.

* I did not play Fallen Earth for long after the last post. The F2P conversion was fine, but I just struggled (like WoW) to find a mature clan that offered what I was looking for. I still like the game, the concept, the blood, sweat, and tears the devs put into it, but just couldn’t find a “home”.

* I played quite a bit of Guild Wars in anticipation for GW2. I liked it quite a bit as a solo experience with all the heroes. Got a few things in the HoM, but got severely sidetracked by

* The Secret World. I had zero intention of buying/playing this game. But I picked up a 24-hour buddy pass and immediately became enthralled. So much of what I liked about Fallen Earth is present in this game (crafting aside; TSW’s crafting, quite frankly, sucks) – the real-world environments, the dark story, the “classless” skilling. And the greatest thing about Guild Wars is present here – limited abilities. I hate having 4 hotbars to keep track of and 87 skills to consider using all at once (although that became less painful with my purchase of a Razer Naga – highly recommended). This reminds me so much of Magic: the Gathering, which I truly appreciate and love as a game, even if I don’t get to play it much anymore.

Maybe someday soon I’ll compile my overall thoughts on the game, but in the meantime I found a great game AND a great home – MMOGamerChick’s “Knights of Mercy” cabal is filled with bloggers and other just genuinely nice, mature people. So happy to be a part of it all. You can find me in-game as Charonne “Psonja” Leigh.

~ by Drew on July 19, 2012.

7 Responses to “A Glorified Blogroll”

  1. Welcome back chief, good to see your still gaming.

    Like yourself I dabbled a bit in guild wars but after hitting 5 or 6 hom points I just got bored and realised I didn’t even want any of the items they offer.

    Anyway keep up the posting

    • Thanks; good to see you back on your blog as well! GW2 beta weekend coming up, I believe, so I’ll probably dabble in that and maybe present some thoughts on that as well as what I’m doing in TSW.

  2. Glad you’re enjoying your time in KoM. I believe I was in vent listening to your group do Polaris the other day 😀

  3. I’m digging KoM and TSW quite a bit as well. Good folks, the one dungeon run I’ve been out with them on (a random inferno run last week), was a lot of fun. They were patient with me on the one boss I couldn’t figure out (guy killed me 3 or 4 times), and we took down the final boss our first try (to the amazement of everyone).

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